Our broadband internet plan is bundled with your home phone giving you the fastest internet available in your area.


The Basics

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We are Keeping it simple, we have ONE ADSL broadband plan which will give you the fastest Internet connection available in your area through your phone line. You can get this great plan for just $29.95 when you select a Home Phone plan. Click 'next step' below to find out more about our Home Phone plans.

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There is a one off connection fee of $90. If your phone line cannot support ADSL2 then we will automatically place you on a fallback plan of ADSL1. The price will be the same, this will be the fastest broadband speed available through your phone line.

Choose from our range of Home Phone plans, with 4 to choose from and with call rates cheaper than Telstra, there.s bound to be a plan to suit you. The price you see is your total monthly fee for both your Unlimited Broadband service and your home phone plan, there is no extra line rental payment. Once you have chosen your plan, click 'next step' and you are ready to choose your hardware.

Choose your hardware from the options below. Not sure which modem you need? Check out the basics above to help you choose the right modem for you. If do not wish to select a modem, just click 'add to cart' and you are ready to place your order.

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