Why Choose Us


A Bit about ONESeniors

ONEseniors was created especially for the over 55’s to provide affordable services and help bridge the digital divide. Operating as a separate entity allows us to offer targeted solutions for the over 55's. With wide resources and experience within telecommunications, ONEseniors is able to provide a dedicated service and a wide range of products.

Dedication to continued improvement has been the key to ONEseniors success and this mentality is adopted company wide. ONEseniors customers have benefited from recent network improvements that enable us to provide an even better level of service to all of our customers; and we continually strive to improve and innovate wherever possible .

Simplicity Guaranteed




As Australia’s only dedicated telecommunications provider for over 55’s you benefit from us always looking for ways to bring you the latest technology at a great price and in a way that is easy to understand. 

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Our Guarantee

We promise to bring you the latest technology in a way that is easy for you to use and at an affordable price.

We also promise to keep things hassle free, geek free, and shock free, click learn more below to find out how we keep our promises.

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Network Coverage

For telephony and ADSL Internet services  we use the Telstra network to deliver the best qality service available in Australia.

For our postpaid mobile services, we use the Telstra network, which covers 98% of Australia’s population, to find out if your area is covered click learn more below.

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